My Opera Einvaldsóður now on double CD

“Here there was a performance of an opera of Wagnerian length, width and depth […]
these were tidings and they rarely get any bigger in the world of opera in Iceland.”
Atli Ingólfsson in Þræðir 2018.

From the Dark Music Days 2019 Mengi premier of Laberico Narabida by Heiða Árnadóttir.

“The opening of the work was breathtaking, Heiða subdivided into four discrete personalities, shifting rapidly between them. Multiple ideas, behaviours and identities impinged upon, collided with and interrupted each other continuously, articulated by Heiða in an unhinged way […] As Heiða softened into silence, Mengi was left filled with the sound of an electronic chorus of her siren-like familiars; emanating from unseen speakers, it was a beautiful and stunning resolution.” Simon Cummings in 5against4

Siggi String Quartet premiering Sitt hvoru megin við þilið in Harpa 2018 – a score video.

A collection of live recordings, free or for a donation.

The Whale Choir project from 2018, Marina Rees did the concept and the video, I wrote music based on her whale samples. The final result is all vocal. A choir led by María Sól Ingólfsdóttir.

Some orchestral recordings on Soundcloud. Sporgýla performed by the BBC SSO in 2014 and Grafgata performed by the Iceland Symphony in Tectonics Festival in 2013. Both were performed under the auspicies of Ilan Volkov.

Zoom recording of the BBC Scottish Symphony premiering Sporgýla in 2014 and a recording of Iceland Symphony performing Grafgata in the 2013 Tectonics Festival

if you like spotify

a lo-fi video montage celebrating my 10 years of using of screen scores, dynamic notation, live score, animated notation or what I call anitation. Footage from 2006 to 2016.

The 3rd studio album of my group Fersteinn

A video snippet from the performance of my opera Einvaldsóður in the old church in Árbær Open Air Museum.

Fersteinn in various concerts in Iceland, The Netherlands and Germany

My 2017 record La noche oscura del alma on Tonestrukt Records, L.A.

Fersteinn is also here.