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  • gudmundursteinn wrote a new post 4 years ago

    Caput Ensemble

    November 2nd in Breiðholtskirkja the Caput Ensemble premiered my new piece Stífluhringurinn.

    The Caput woodwing section: Þórunn Björnsdóttir bass recorder, Steinunn Vala Pálsdóttir Alto Fl […]

  • Caput í fullum skrúða

    Úr fréttatilkynningu:

    Laugardaginn 2. nóvember býður 15:15 tónleikasyrpan í Breiðholtskirkju upp á dagskrá með nýjum verkum tónskáldanna Guðmundar Steins Gunnarssonar og L […]

  • The Digital Score by Craig Vear

    In “The Digital Score” Craig Vear explores various novel digital notation methods, with a broad scope. Screen scores, animated notation, live scores interactivity, algorithmic […]

  • Ensemble Adapter has been touring with a Danish-Icelandic program on various festivals this month, the last one being tonight in Italy. Kvartett no. 7 has been on their program, which they have also done […]

  • Einvaldsóður is an opera about the history of the world – greed and pride. The text is an Icelandic 17th century poem by reverend Guðmundur Erlendsson who was one of Iceland’s most beloved poets at one point bu […]

  • Soon it will be released online and on a double CD the opera Einvaldsóður, which was premiered in 2017 in an old turf house church in Árbær Open Air Museum.

    The soprano

    The tenor (priest)

    The wind sec […]



    For those that don’t know, Iðunn is the goddess of poetry in the old Norse mythology. The Iðunn rímur song society has recently published a large collection of notations, along with recordings, of trad […]






    Atli Ingólfsson, composer and professor at the Iceland Academy of the Arts recently published a lengthy article in Icelandic about my chamber opera Einvaldsóður. It appeared in the 3rd issue o […]

  • This is a drill of the whale sounds choir of visual artist Marina Rees. She asked me to compose a number using this vocal technique which I did and which is not the one here above but I believe it was […]

  • Travis Johns, sound artist and artisan boutique gadget maker runs has released my record Krákulán on his label Vauxesflores recently.

    This is a collection of electronic pieces written in the summer of 2016. T […]

  • gudmundursteinn wrote a new post 6 years ago

    Fersteinn is celebrating this album coming out in Mengi, Reykjavík, tonight. It is released by Traktorinn. We will play old and new material. The oldest piece will be Lardipésa and the newest are two H […]

  • The Canadian improvising quartet field//// asked me to do a “grid” for them after our collaboration in 2015. What that means is a chart for a structured improvisation. Each of the writes a grid which only […]

  • Tomorrow Toyen, fil og klafferi will premier my new piece Leyfðu barninu for bass clarinet, bassoon, viola and cello. It forms a pair of pieces with Leyfðu hjólinu which the same ensemble premiered and pe […]

  • Traktorinn has just released a new record of some of my electronic music. It is called Látrún and is available here:



    It is a work consisting of recordings, samples and electronic sounds where eve […]

  • Before a  concert I had  on March 4th in Mengi there were two interviews, both in Icelandic relating to the concerts and the concept behind working with old computers.

    Pétur Grétarsson did an interview for the […]

  • Tonight, my group Fersteinn will perform in Mengi Reykjavík. We will be performing variuous things from our repertoire, including more percussive music, more instrumental, with electronic sounds and soft recorder […]




    Tonestrukt Records, Los Angeles, California has just released this record, La Noche Oscura Del Alma. It is an 80 minute elaboration on recordings of a traverso baroque flute as played on by Perth bo […]


    My band Fersteinn has just now released this record called Haltrandi Rósir.

    It has some early pieces that have remained popular concert numbers for a while now.




    It was recorded by Elis […]

  • gudmundursteinn wrote a new post 7 years ago

    I only found out a few days ago that my record Horpma that came out in 2011, was number 17 on an end of year avant list in SPIN Magazine that same year.




     Quite surprising as I didn’t even know the […]

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