FERSTEINN   IMG_2139   Fersteinn is a band that plays music in “extra-musical” or “nonmusical” rhythm (so to speak). The music is read from a computer screen and the performers play various traditional instruments, home-made instruments, found objects, toys, souvenirs and hunting equipment.   310956_207537175984134_913198441_n   The music might resemble naturals sounds or the movements of animals, rain drops et cetera. All the music is written by one of the four performers while the other performers are composers in their own right and contribute significantly to the overall development of the pieces.   IMG_7482   Fersteinn developed out of the Sláturdúndur concert series in
Reykjavík (starting in 2009) and the Slátur collective and its sister
ensemble Fengjastrútur.   IMG_2205   This particular group started specializing and focusing on performing the quartets of Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson and other similar pieces.   IMG_7620   The band started to appear in more varied contexts and touring
locally, playing various local festivals, town gatherings and public
spaces.   Fernstein-WallGallery-14102011--62   The band’s repertoire has been heard in festivals and concerts in Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Turkey, Germany, The Netherlands
and the U.S.A. The band released a limited edition 10” on DOB records in 2011 of a live recording from a short tour in the Netherlands.   web_Fersteinn_open
For a general preview of Fersteinn’s music see:

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