Scandal in the Church of Árbær


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Atli Ingólfsson, composer and professor at the Iceland Academy of the Arts recently published a lengthy article in Icelandic about my chamber opera Einvaldsóður. It appeared in the 3rd issue of the online music journal Þræðir. The title of this post is a translation of his title for the article. The article reflects my work Einvaldsóður not just in length but also in form.




One of the performers, in the role of a priest, elaborates on theological issues to the congregation, outside the church after the “sermon”.


The title of my opera, Einvaldsóður, means literally and Ode to Monarchy (or even absolutism or the rule of one), a perennially controversial topic. In both the article and the piece there is twist in the title you only discover towards the end.


The 2 performances took place last year in an old traditional sod house church in an open air museum in the outskirts of Reykjavík. Again, here’s a link to the article: