Video Gallery

A new music video by Sam T. Rees on a piece from Landvættirnar fjórar – album recording.
Landvættirnar fjórar – part I, Dreki
Landvættirnar fjórar – part II, Gammur
Landvættirnar fjórar – part III, Griðungur
Landvættirnar fjórar – part IV, Bergrisi

Látlaust og íhugult from Sinfónía, music video by Sam Rees
From a dress rehearsal for Stífluhringurinn: Þar sem Elliðaáin rennur (Chamber Symphony in 2 movements).

THE MAGIC POWER OF THE NORTH – Transart19 from Festival Transart on Vimeo.

Ensemble Adapter performed a few pieces (including Kvartett no.7 which appears towards the end) at the Festival TransArt September 2019, which took place in Vigilius Mountain Resort in Lana, Italy.

From a performance of Laberico Narabida, by Heiða Árnadóttir in Mengi 2019.

Whale Voice Choir II / Hvalkór from Marina Rees on Vimeo.

This is a collaborative project between myself and Marina Rees. It is a choir piece built around whale sounds and was performed in installations that she did. Afterwards she made this video.

A score video for the Screen Score of the string quartet Sitt hvoru megin við þilið. The sound is from the premier done by Siggi String Quartet in Harpa 2018.
From my opera Einvaldsóður in Árbæjarsafn 2017.

goodiepal icelandic animated notation band from fcr on Vimeo.

This is a selection of Icelandic animated notation scores or screen scores performed by Goodiepal and others in De Player Rotterdam. He has traveled extensively with this program. Somewhat of an overview of old Slátur favorites.

Berglind María Jónsdóttir commissioned me to write a concerto for the instrument lokkur and the Caput Ensemble, which I did. From Nordic Music Days 2016.
An overview of the development of my notation over a 10 year period.

Living Archives – Nordic Music Days 2016, Reykjavík | S.L.A.T.U.R. from Ross Karre on Vimeo.

From a performance that Slátur did in 2016 in Nordic Music Days.