Horpma IV – XI


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Horpma IV



Horpma V



Horpma VI



Horpma VII



Horpma VIII



Horpma IX



Horpma X



Horpma XI



Using samples from Horpma I which where originally recordings of Kanoko Nishi, Nicole Reisnour, Charity Chan, Kyomitsu Odai, Róbert Reynisson and the author.

In a 54 note just intonation using chumbuz, banjolin, fortepiano, 5 harpsichords, harp, koto, langspil, 3 guitars in different sizes and a ukulele.

Originally recorded in CCM Mills College California and Hafnarfjörður, mixed and mastered in Sundlaugin by Elisabeth Carlsson and Jesper Pedersen.

This edition was mixed and mastered in Videopool, Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

All compositions by © Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson