Duo Harpverk Premiers a New Piece

Today is Canada day but tomorrow Duo Harpverk will premier a piece about how I met Csapo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I´m wearing my Saskatchewan T-shirt today, representing. Tomorrow 2nd of July Duo Harpverk will premier this new piece that utilizes Magnús Jensson’s 16 tone tuning, a sort of a just intonation system, that requires re-tuning the harp and using Jalatharangam or in other words porcelin bowls tuned with water in the percussion. I wrote the piece during my extended stay in various places in Canada recently. During a one day visit I met Hungarian composer Gyula Csapo who is my friends Áki Ásgeirsson’s favorite composer. Hence the title of the piece. So if you are in Selfoss or South of Iceland you can come to Sunnlenska bókakaffið at 8:30pm and hear my piece as well as some other good stuff.  Below you can see the legendary duo in action but not their faces, for that you have to come to the concert.